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   September 2019   
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Stewardship of Resources Team
Team Leader: Dave Karr

Members: Doris Perryman, Ken Presley and Kenneth Robertson

Stewardship of resources team meets monthly to access the income and expenses of the association. As a general rule, income has been very close to meeting and paying expenses. Income has been down primarily due to the economy. Income in churches, therefore, since churches give as a percentage of their income, UBA income is down. We had a month where UBA income was short by $20,000 causing a necessity to draw on contingency to meet expenses. This caused the contingency fund to be down to a zero balance.

UBA sold approximately two acres to the Norman School Board for $80,000. When this sale closed, the funds were placed in the contingency account. The contingency account now has a healthy balance to cover such emergencies of income short falls.

The lack of income caused our teams to cut short many of their goals for the year, At the 2019 budget meeting in August, UBA adjusted their budget to come closer to the 2019 projected income . new budget was cut by $66,400 down to $463,034. Our Teams made the cuts in Strengthening New Churches, Starting New Strong Churches and Facilitating Mission Involvement. Team Leaders made the cuts necessary but kept the projects already planned for next year. Thanks to our Teams and their leaders for rising to the challenge to meet the new 2019 budget

UBA had some unusually high maintenance cost this summer due to a lightning strike which hit our building. This caused the replacement of some controls to air conditioning and computers.

The UBA is still financially in good condition going into the 2019 budget year. Thanks to the Stewardship of Resources Team for the dedication and hard work during the 2018 year.