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  September 2018  
Bible Search
Stewardship of Resources Team
Team Leader: Dave Karr

Members: Doris Perryman, Ken Presley and Kenneth Robertson

This team meets monthly to review the income and expenses to make sure there is nothing unusual.  We review the expenses of the other teams to ensure the remaining funds in budget to accomplish their goals. The income was slightly under last year with the shortage being worse during the summer months which is the usual trend.  August was the first month we had to draw significantly from contingency reserves. We had to replace an air conditioner at the UBA office for $4,000+ which was part of the reason for the draw on contingency.

Income given to UBA from our churches was down this year as a result of member gifts to the churches being down.  UBA’s income is usually based on a percentage of the church’s undesignated income so when their income is down our income is also lower.  Some churches have cut their giving percentage to the UBA which double cuts into UBA income. This being the case makes it difficult to maintain income against our expenses.

The UBA finances are in good shape but closer watch of income will be required to be sure we remain there.  If this trend continues, we will reexamine the budget and make adjustments where necessary.

The comparison of church record to UBA records continued again this year. Cards were mailed in January 2017 to each Church along with their detailed contributions in 2016 asking them to compare it to our records.  The cards were returned to my own address for internal control and sixty-six percent of the churches responded with only four churches having differences from UBA records.  Most were minor posting differences such as a church check written in December which UBA posted in January etc.  We would love for all churches to respond so we may be sure we are doing everything correctly.

The land north of the Primera Hispanic church was sold to Norman North High School to build a parking lot for teachers. They will fence the entire property line between their lot and our site upon completion, but the land deal will probably not close until 2018.

God continues to bless us and 2017 was a good financial year for UBA