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  September 2018  
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Executive Director: Linda Cozadd

Reproductive Healthcare-Pregnancy Wellness

1807 W Lindsey   Norman, OK  73070

(405) 579-4673  

1315A Gateway Plaza, MWC, OK 73110

(405) 5268-0048

Hello Friends of Eden,

This has been a rather challenging year for us at Eden. The bridge and road construction on Lindsey Street has shut down businesses and caused quite a decrease in numbers for us as well. Everyone seems to find other routes to their destinations. Even with all that we are still reaching women, saving babies and sharing the love of Christ – so our efforts are not in vain. 

  •   598  Norman Client Appointments
  •   710  Midwest City Appointments
  • 1308  Total Clients Served (both locations)
  •   154  Abortion Vulnerable/Abortion Minded Clients
  •     53  AV/AM wh Choose Life**
  •     33  Likely to Abort
  •     58  Undecided
  •   356  Pregnancy Wellness/Childbirth Classes
  •     14 Gospel Shared/Spiritual Decision***

** We have had several “undecided” clients return months, even a year later and report they carried their babies to term.

*** There is a lot of spiritual discussions we have with clients that our stats do not reveal. We continue to demonstrate Christ’s love and pray for the right words that provide hope to empower women to make a decision for life and for Christ. Case in point; a client opted for abortion and contacted us a year later stating she accepted Christ as her savior after learning about him at Eden – none of her family knows Jesus.

Thank you so much for your continued support for the Eden Clinic of both prayers and monetary provisions.