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  September 2018  
Bible Search
Disaster Relief Steering Team
Team Leader: Deyrl Kastner


Team Blue Cap Leaders

Chainsaw --- Jim Arnold
Feeding ---
Shower/Laundry--- Jim Lehew
Mud-out/Ash-out--- Richard Brown & JC King


The Oklahoma DR Teams were very busy during fall of 2016 through fall of 2017 with various disasters.  

There were 15 different events that UBA units were also involved with in 45 different communities. Those included 1009 work orders received, 692 jobs completed. Feeding units prepared and served 17,899 meals. Shower/Laundry unit provided 1513 showers and 807 loads of laundry.  Workers included 52 Assessors and 28 Chaplains along with the others who provided 9,470 work hours. Most Importantly seven individuals came to accept Christ as their Savior! 

Many of the UBA volunteers were also involved with the state trainings on October 1, 2016 at Southern Hills Baptist Church and October 7, 2017 at First Moore Baptist Church.

There is a great need for additional Blue Cap individuals to step up and take some of the load off of our current men, They are not always available when an event is requested or sometimes don’t have the energy to keep serving week after week in emergency situations either.  Please Pray about your roll in possibly serving in this capacity and if led, please contact the UBA office or one of the current Blue Caps. For a complete list go to